Want to place an order?

An order methods

If you wish to make an order, you can do it in a few ways:

Please call on work days from Monday till Friday 9 - 19 h. (GMT+2 time zone). Attention, if you can not find the necessary parts or supplies! It may be two reasons in that case: we still don't have these items available or the product code is mismatch. Sometimes, manufacturers use several codes for the same product to select. If you can not find necessary item by our product search engine assistance, please contact us by phone or e-mail and we'll help you find the right product.

Shopping selection

To buy goods that you want, please attach them to the shopping cart that is click on "Add to Cart." The item will be added to the cart only if at the time of the stock. On the right side of the page by clicking on the button "Shopping Cart" you can see what kind of product already in your Cart. Clicking on the Delete button at any time selected goods can again be removed from the basket of goods. After all goods you have collected in a shopping cart and ready to purchase them, please click on the button "next step". Then sign up if you buy the first time or enter into the necessary data, if you are a registered visitor. Select the payment method and confirm that you are familiar with the rules of the buyer. Any time you can cancel the order process, or by clicking the button "Confirm Order" button to complete your order. If you want to postpone the purchase of the next session, we suggest you save your selected purchases in the fact sheet, which you can edit, delete, or add even the next day.


Prices are final include VAT. If you are VAT payer from one of EU countries, please login and you will see prices with 0% VAT. Prices are without shipping cost.


You can chose one of the following ways:

  • bank transfer by proforma invoice; 
  • payment by bank online system Paysera;
  • payment by Paypal system (under development).