Frequently Asked Questions

Are prices shown including VAT?

No, prices are shown without VAT. If the Client is VAT payer in EU, but not from Lithuania, after registration you will be automatically shown prices with 0% VAT. If you are from Lithuania or not VAT payer in EU, you will need to pay extra 21% VAT. Prices will be changed after you will log in.

What do I do if I do not find the necessary parts or materials? Can I order?

It may be two reasons in that case: we still don't have these items available or the product code is mismatch. Sometimes, manufacturers use several codes for the same product to select. If you can not find necessary item by our product search engine assistance, please contact us by phone +370 610 32332 or e-mail and we'll help you find the right product.

Do all the products are new?

Not all. Consumables and parts are new. In an individual case can be offered some used goods, but in a good and proper for the further use. As used are proposed copiers, printers and post-press printing equipment.

Are all the goods are genuine?

Yes its all original genuine Xerox parts.

What is the warranty period for goods?

Depends. For mostly supplies is standart manufacturer warranty. For used copiers, printers and post-press equipment warranty case by case.

Can I get the product faster than the specified time?

We can not guarantee it, but often the items delivered in less than a specified period.

Can I place an order by phone or e-mail?

Yes you can, especially if you do need some additional information. E-mail address, phone +370 610 32332.

Is the cost of delivery depends on the place of delivery?

Yes. Shipping address in Baltics or other EU countries reflects to the delivery price. More information here.